Rodney Stratton

Rodney Stratton is New Zealand artist who has been living in Hong Kong since 2012. His work is inspired by the people of Hong Kong and he uses his own photographs and those collected from local markets as the starting point for much of his work. Rodney was involved with Secret Walls in 2014 and has since had his work commissioned and displayed in a number of places and spaces in Hong Kong.


藝術家RodneyStratton來自紐西蘭,自2012年起居於香港。他的創作靈感來源自香港人,往往以一幅相片為出發點。這些相片有些是他自己拍攝的,有些則購買自本地市面上。Rodney曾於2014年參加Secret Walls,此後,其指定作品在香港很多地方展出。

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