Born in Turin in 1984, Pixelpancho was introduced to color and form by his grandfather who painted occasionally. With time, his passion for art and design led him to the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts followed by the Academy of Fine Arts in Valencia, Spain where he obtained his degree. During this time he became familiar with the graffiti and street art scenes. Influenced by this world, he began using spray cans and markers and working on outdoor surfaces. This clearly stood out from the classic paper and canvas formula which the other students were using at the time. Traveling between his hometown of Turin and Valencia, Pixelpancho took every opportunity to be noticed on the streets, using different mediums such as tiles, wall painting and sticker/poster art. Pretty soon his works were taking over many European cities, adorning wall ofter wall. Pixelpancho’s work is drawn from several diverse influences. Traces of historic painter Joaquin Sorolla, the surrealist Salvador Dali, the political painter group “El Equipo Cronica” to the more modern Ron English, and Takashi Murakami can be seen in his works. Traveling to Paris, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Vienna and many other cities for graffiti jams and gallery exhibitions has allowed his style to evolve from a simple Robot character to the more complex compositions in his work today.

The narrative in Pixelpancho’s work is driven by a forgotten world that sits under a blanket of dust. In it, broken and dented robots are found decaying into the ground, their iron and rusted copper bodies falling and laying as if discarded into oblivion. Although the scale of his work ranges, the surreal realm is a constant thread, piercing through contemporary and historical references that add a sense relevance within our place and time. The strength of physical and gestural references that humanize these robots results in the artist’s unmistakeable mark. Found on the walls of abandoned buildings in cities throughout Europe, the U.S. and Mexico, Pixelpancho’s work is an interconnected structure of stories. The murals, the paintings, the sculptures….in the end are only a small part of something greater, another story within the ever growing realm.


1984年生於意大利都靈的Pixelpancho,因其祖父偶爾作畫而接觸到繪畫的色彩及形式。隨著年歲增長,他對藝術及設計的熱愛驅使他進入Albertina藝術學院學習,並在西班牙Valencia的Academy of Fine Arts進修,取得學位。期間,他逐漸熟識塗鴉及街頭藝術形式。受到外圍世界的影響,他開始用噴漆及馬克筆在室外作畫。這種作畫模式,與其他同學仍然遵循傳統在紙或帆布上繪畫的方式截然不同。往返於家鄉都靈及西班牙Valencia之間,Pixelpancho把握每次機會,運用各種不同的創作材料,如瓦片、牆漆、貼紙、海報等,期望他的街頭作品能受到關注。很快,他繪飾一面又一面牆身,作品遍佈歐洲多個城市。Pixelpancho的作品受到不同藝術家的影響,例如歷史上知名畫家Joaquin Sorolla、超現實主義的Salvador Dali、政治畫家團體El Equipo Cronica,以及現代藝術派系的Ron English及村上隆等等。這些藝術家的風格,在他的畫作中都有跡可尋。在巴黎、阿姆斯特丹、華沙、維也納及其他城市,他多次展示即興塗鴉創作及參與畫廊的展覽,他的風格亦隨之進化,從簡單的機械人角色,發展到今天更為錯綜複雜的作品。


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