Kris Abrigo is a painter, designer and a muralist. He studied in Fine Arts and majored in Visual Communication in University of the Philippines Diliman. He has won a national sculpture competition, participated on art fairs and an international mural festival, and had a handful of group shows and 3 solo shows under his belt. His work has gained much visibility over the years from creating murals for commercial and residential spaces, and crafting design sculptures as collaborations with furniture and lifestyle shops.

In his paintings, Abrigo hopes to foster an inviting environment with his bubbly forms that sparks younger generations’ curiosity about art. Through Abrigo’s distinct color palette and eye for geometric designs, his paintings become alluring art objects with many possibilities to explore. Abrigo’s technique of superimposing angular abstract shapes onto his own versions of the local characters and urban landscapes comes in as a natural approach to composition of painting. Upon close inspection, you will find the artist’s touch and strokes throughout the painting despite the closed color scheme, technique that serves as a nod to abstract expressionists. Exploring new formal territory, this resistance from flatness to fat strokes that establish volume and texture, implies the evolution to his style. Rendered in both pastel and bright colors and with acute precision on canvas or on walls, his works suggest a core sample of the new wave of urban artists around the world. His artworks are meant to be taken in as a whole, described as a “landscape” that represents the issues at hand. Underlying all of his work is a deep contradiction around culturally held notions of poverty, religion, corruption and social order.




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