2002年,他在諾定咸開了英國第一間塗鴉藝術商舖Coverage,並開始向學校、機構、公司等贈送塗鴉相關作品。2008年11月,Dilk又再在Hockley開設了英國第一間(亦是唯一一間)Montana Colours商店。在塗鴉界,Dilk被視為先驅人物,備受尊敬。2009年,他作客BBC兒童台的「Blue Peter」節目,展示虛擬噴繪技術的
Internationally recognised Graffiti Artist, DILK, was born in Nottingham in the 70’s. He has been painting since 1986, travelling the world to paint, promote and push graffiti forward.

In 2002, he opened Coverage in Nottingham, one of the first graffiti art stores in England, and started giving graffiti-based work for schools, organisations and companies. In November 2008, Dilk then went on to open the UK’s first (and only) Montana Colors store in Hockley. Considered a pioneer and widely respected in his field, Dilk has even appeared on CBBC’s Blue Peter in 2009, showcasing digital advancements in virtual spray painting techniques, and worked with Nottingham’s only Michelin Star restaurant and chef, Sat Bains, in Paris (APRIS DEC CHEFS) January 2011. He continues to show graffiti in a positive light through events, exhibitions and TV appearances. ‘At the end of 1986, I found myself drawn into the world of Graffiti, which was then a new form of art that hit the UK from America, and would effect me for the rest of my life. Since then, Graffiti has taken me around the world in pursuit of my passion, and I have been involved in numerous graffiti inspired events, whether promoting my own work or judging Graffiti competitions.’

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