The Australian artist Buff Diss has created a unique brand of art, working primarily through the medium of tape. Whilst his polished, dexterous designs can be appreciated in and of themselves however, it is the manner in which they combine with their architectural surround that propels them onto a more thoughtful, more distinctive terrain, the clean images confronting their often defaced, dirt-engrained surrounds in an unexpectedly congruous manner.


以膠帶為創作材料,來自澳洲的Buff Diss開創了獨特的藝術「品牌」。他精練、巧妙的設計本身已具備甚高欣賞性,若結合周圍的建築環境,更能增加作品整體的深度及特色。清晰的畫像,在損毀、污穢的環境之中尤為突出,卻產生了一種意料之外的協調感。

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