現代塗鴉藝術家Abdulrashade來自馬來西亞檳城,自2003年開始,就是Eightyfourcube Collective的一員。他曾為不同的設計公司服務,擁有10年工作經驗,現時已是全職的塗鴉藝術家。在2016年中,曾有8位馬來西亞藝術家,在杜拜為24座建築物繪上畫作,他便是其中一位。



Abdulrashade is a contemporary graffiti artist brought up in a small town in Penang, Malaysia. He is also one of the members in Eightyfourcube Collective, since 2003. After 10 years serving in several design agencies, he is now a full-time graffiti artist. He’s also one of eight Malaysian artists who paint 24 buildings at Dubai in mid of 2016.

In creating a new style of graffiti and painting, he mixes a hint of spice from the Nusantara culture with lots of floral design, local fauna and making these components of his own.

His basic style is more to wildstyle lettering mix with abstract and massive composition. Now, he constantly experiments with character and folk story to tackle more attention from the audience.