Parent’s Parents’s is a newly creative group established 2012 in Hong Kong. The collective consist of people from graffiti, drawing, illustration and leather crafting field. The core member of the collective includes Jimson , Ysoo, CCChris and Wong Tin Yau.

Parent’s Parents是2012年在香港成立的新晉創意團體,成員來自塗鴉、繪畫、插畫及皮革雕刻多個領域。核心成員包括Jimjimjimson,Ysoo,CCChris和Wong Tin Yau。他們曾為同學,現正努力把他們的作品及想法散播至街頭,或許在你家附近會找到。


Internationally recognised Graffiti Artist, DILK, was born in Nottingham in the 70’s. He has been painting since 1986, travelling the world to paint, promote and push graffiti forward. In 2002, he opened ‘Coverage’ in Nottingham, one of the first graffiti art stores in England. Then started giving graffiti-based work for organisations and companies. In 2008, DILK then went on to open the UK’s first and only Montana Colours store in Hockney.

Dilk從1986年至今一直在繪畫創作,在遊歷世界的同時作畫並推動塗鴉藝術的發展。2002年,他在Nottingham設立「Coverage」——英國最早的塗鴉藝術商店之一。2008年,DILK在Hockley又開設了英國首個且僅有的一間Montana Colours商店。

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