Heavily influenced by the western Wildstyle street art, DEBE’s creative career started in 2005, starting only with spray paint experiments of his English name. The experiments showed many colorful results, as well as contrast, and structural balance. Eventually his artwork evolved, and became more intricate with the handling of multimedia.In 2008, DEBE founded TWO MUCH Artwork Studio ,DEBE began to combine scribbles with tattoo art, creating a diverse aspect of scribbling. DEBE is now a full time artist, and is often invited to showcases everywhere, cooperation with store brands, in addition, lectures in contribution to promote street art culture in Taiwan, in hopes of expressing himself through his art.

Artist DEBE believes graffiti best expresses the freedom in living. Graffiti takes away the rules and the limits in traditional drawing, defining the creator’s freedom of thoughts.’normal’ forms are transformed into abstract concept, conveying the sense of moment in time. Seemingly unruly and complicated movements are just the arrangements of elements. With the spray can in hand, through the actions of colors and lines, DEBE captures the splendor of city life, crystalizing his mind that came to fruition with graffiti.

深受美式塗鴉狂野風格 (Wild Style) 影響的DEBE,自2005年起,以英文名字的變化為起點展開了創作生涯。一開始純粹使用噴漆,呈現各種明度及色彩的表現方式,強化對比度、字體結構的完整性與平衡感。之後為表達更為細膩及更豐富的色彩呈現,開始運用更多元的媒材創作。於2008年創立TWO MUCH Artwork Studio。現專職於自由藝術創作,曾受邀至各地展覽、與品牌店家合作,以及演講與教學,致力推廣台灣本土的塗鴉文化,希望透過塗鴉繪畫的方式,呈現真正的自我。

塗鴉藝術家DEBE認為塗鴉是最能表達人生自由的方式之一。 塗鴉大量減少了傳統畫作的『規則』與『限制』,表現出創作者的思想自由與雙手自由。視覺從有形的線條轉化成抽象的概念,呈現出一種瞬間靜止的動能。複雜、看似無規則的運行之下,富含層次與深度。顏色和線條的變化與穿梭,捕捉了藝術家城市生活的體驗與繽紛場景,簡化為一種經過塗鴉所淨化後的心靈能量。

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A Street artist from Taiwan, who called himself an angry young man filled with love. He had been invited to Japan, China, New York, Thailand etc. for graffiti. His motif of graffiti art mostly relates to naked man. His works are all around Taiwan since he stepped into the world of graffiti in 2000, therefore, he is the most accused street artist in Taiwan history.

Mr. OGAY considers art working is an honest way to face the true self. The viewers can find his direct, incisive and incontrovertible critique to Taiwan society in each piece of OGAY’s works. His graffiti works are awaking people’s respect to each other by the way demonstrating desires with humor, and taunting hypocritical morality. He uses “ugliness” as his tone of art language and develops a specific style. His works also try to consider the inner essence of humanity and society from another point of view by the re-interpretation to social system and the relationships of human and environment.

There is no beautiful scene and content failed to express the ideas. He is always stepping on his path of “ugliness”. He is using the abundant visual language to make viewers happy, and let them see the unmentioned real ugly world. Perhaps it is not appropriate or impolite, and maybe even disgusting. However if you are the viewer, you will take more than one glance, for spitting on or realizing his ideas. And when you do that, you are more close to the “real world”




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