Bui O Public School Workshop & Mural with Egg Fiasco & EXLD

In April 2017, Bui O Public School, in Pui O, Lantau invited HKwalls to host a student workshop and create a public mural at the school. With the goal of celebrating cultural diversity as well as the natural environment of Lantau, Filipino artists Egg Fiasco and EXLD hosted a day long workshop with the students and spent a week creating a large, vibrant mural for the school. During the workshop Egg and EXLD presented their work to the students and discussed their development as artists and how they became interested in graffiti and spray painting.  They discussed the culture of letters and monikers in graffiti and taught the students the basics for writing their own name in bubble letters and explored creating their own cartoon characters.

Throughout the process Egg and EXLD themselves learned about the natural beauty of Lantau which they honored in the 3 storey tall mural, drawing personal connections between their home country and Lantau through the depiction of a water buffalo, which to many has become a symbol and pride of Lantau and is the National animal of the Philippines.

Thanks to all the wonderful Bui O students, teacher Mrs. Sum Sum Tse and principle Mrs. June Yu Mei Fung for making this an unforgettable experience. Also thank you to Mavericks HK, Treasure Island and all the great people we met throughout the week!