李美欣(Messy Desk),香港插畫家及藝術漫畫家。現為日本插畫師協會會員。因她畫風與歐式漫畫相近,而與法國結下不解緣。她曾獲法國出版社Na Edition 邀請前往安古蘭,參與全球第二大漫畫節,並贏得漫畫新秀獎。她亦被法國藝術雜誌《Get Freaky》賞識,於法國、美國、英國、德國、瑞士及歐洲等地舉辦展覧。2015年8月,她獲Urban Forms 邀請,到波蘭完成一座38米高大廈外牆創作。2016年獲大中華區插畫奬亞軍及日本插畫大獎Winning Work Prize。她曾與多個知名品牌合作,包括法國航空、Starbucks、香港電台、IBM等等。


Jane Lee a.k.a. Messy Desk is an up-and-coming illustrator and comic artist based in Hong Kong. She is a member of Japan illustrators’ Association and Hong Kong Society of Illustrators. Messy Desk has a special bond with France. She was invited by Na Edition to attend the second biggest comics festival, and received an award as an up-and-coming comic artist. She was also recognized by the French Art Magazine Get Freaky, and held exhibitions in France. Jane has exhibited in France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and other cities in Europe. In 2015, she was invited by Urban Forms to create a mural in Poland.

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SeeNaeMe is a street artist and illustrator based in Seoul, S. Korea.

Her unique characters are comical, fun and mysterious. They exist in many different normal places we go every day; like in a pool, a cafe, and even a playground. She challenges the viewers to engage their imagination into the situation in her drawings. She hopes people are able to find fun in their regular days by imagining seeing very unexpected characters, like a dolphin at a playground, and laugh about it.

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