Alphabet Monsters AKA Amuse.126 + Merlot

The Alphabet Monsters由美國塗鴉藝術家Amuse126及Merlot組成。兩位藝術家各有風格,但二人拍檔迸發出更閃亮的創意活化。他們一路向世界展示才華,一路發掘新奇刺激的創作方法,讓觀眾看到前所未見的超水平作品。即使作為個體,兩人都已是無可匹敵,但他們仍努力向不斷演進的藝術世界證明,彼此是一對「無敵」的組合。

The Alphabet Monsters; an equally balanced collaboration effort between graffiti artists Amuse126 and Merlot. While both artist shine in their own category and approach to style, the two come together to display a powerfully innovative partnership. The US based duo has begun showcasing these talents internationally and along the way discovering new, exciting means to bring their artwork to levels unseen by today’s audience. As individuals the two stand unbreakable, yet working tirelessly to prove unmatched as a couple in today’s ever so evolving art scene.