Since he began using spray paint in 2001, Whyyy has discovered a combination of graffiti art and Chinese cultural traditional arts to produce innovative chemistry – the “auspicious cloud” from ancient China. Inspired by graffiti ideas and techniques, he creates new styles of calligraphy and forms a unique style of his own. The distorted graphics and letters are full of a sense of rhythm and stretching force. The works, therefore, are substantial as well as virtual, planar yet tri-dimensional. Everything is unpredictable and changing – just like the clouds – and hence produces different thoughts from the drawings.

Dedicated to the recreation on different mediums with different designing ideas based on classic spray painting, Whyyy insists on presenting the quality of this art form with an in-depth mindset. He focuses on establishing visual aesthetics and special coordination. Through continuous thinking and experience, Whyyy aims at integrating art forms into people’s life and surroundings, as well as pouring into them the contemporary spirit and his unique artistic air.



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