Born in New Zealand, Alana grew up surrounded by nature and devoted herself to arts and textiles throughout her schooling, thus laying the foundation for her creativity. However, she did not flourish as an artist until she moved to New York City after graduating with a Bachelor of Fashion Design.
There, she found the complete freedom to paint on the walls of her SoHo loft, which she did so whenever she was bored at home, letting her imagination run wild. After posting a few pictures on social media, her work captured the attention of friends, subsequently leading to job offers to paint murals for apartments, offices and even the Gild Hall luxury boutique hotel in the financial district. Since then, the Kiwi artist has been a freelance mural artist wherever she found herself in the world. Her artistic style has grown to exhibit a complex balance of clean, bold, and fluid line work that is at once organic yet stark in its monochrome palette.


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